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Joselit Asset Management (JAM) is a registered investment advisor providing customized and comprehensive financial advice. JAM's unique Managed Account Structure, whereby investments are actively managed in client owned and controlled accounts, enables JAM to personalize financial solutions for its clients while also providing transparency and accountability. JAM researches and selects the securities to be placed in client accounts. In addition, JAM executes the trades and manages the overall risk of client portfolios. Thus, JAM is able to cut out many of the middlemen (the research firm, the fund manager, the execution firm) that increase costs and lower returns at other advisory firms.


As a fee only advisor, Joselit Asset Management is solely compensated by the fees paid from its clients. JAM does not accept any commissions or compensation from other sources, thereby avoiding any possible conflicts of interest.

As an independent advisor, Joselit Asset Management works exclusively for the benefit of its clients. Because JAM is fully independent, it is not incentivized to recommend specific investment products, funds, securities or insurance products and can therefore provide independent investment advice that is tailored to the needs and objectives of its clients.

Joselit Asset Management is only registered to provide advisory services in Illinois and Arizona.
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